Tsvetan Krastev CEO Access Finance Ltd


Tsvetan Krastev

We are committed to expanding access to people without financial services.


  • We have an owner mindset, everyone plays an important role.
  • We thrive in and promote an innovative culture.
  • We are tenacious.
  • We seek to learn.

Mission Driven

  • Our actions align directly with our vision and mission.
  • Our products will adapt to change, always focused on solving the problem.
  • Our employees, customers and investors are weighted equally.
  • Our employees have the trust and autonomy to think and act creatively.


  • We communicate effectively and often.
  • We admit when we don’t know something.
  • We are open to giving and receiving feedback.


  • We respect each other.
  • We show appreciation.
  • We celebrate wins.
  • We trust each other and assume good intentions.

Access Finance AD started its activity in 2013 as a non-banking financial institution and was subsequently registered with the BNB under No. BGR00332. The supervisory body exercising control over the activity of Access Finance AD is the Bulgarian National Bank with address for correspondence Sofia 1000, Knyaz Alexander I Square 1. The Company is also registered as a Personal Data Protection Officer at the Personal Data Protection Commission under No. 395972. The main activity of Access Finance AD is the provision of cash loans with own funds under the Credit Institutions Act. The headquarters of Access Finance AD is located in Bulgaria, Sofia -1408, 1 Balsha str., 2nd floor.

Access Finance AD started its activity with a clear mission to be a measurable alternative to banks in the direction of accessibility to financial services and personal service internationally. We believe in the future where companies really understand their customers and engage them in a mutually beneficial way. We are a positive young team that provides flexible and innovative financial services, regardless of the financial and social status of the client, combined with modern and individual customer service. We build trust with our clients, partners and employees, being open, honest and loyal in their relationship with them.

Access Finance AD is an international consumer finance provider with operations in 4 countries. We focus on responsible lending primarily to people with little or no credit history. Our services are simple, easy and fast.

Access Finance AD is part of the Management Financial Group (MFG), a holding company, uniting leading providers of non-bank financial services in the European  Union.

MFG provides a rich portfolio of credit products and services for natural and legal entities and has developed multiple successful business models that align with customer needs – consumer and auto loans through a network of retail shops and partners, online lending, loans for micro and small businesses, credit cards, P2P investing, digital business and other alternative financial products and services.

MFG in numbers:

  • 450+ Offices across Europe
  • 7 European markets
  • 500,000+ Active customers
  • 8,300+ Employees
  • 4M+ Loans granted
  • Over 15 years of experience in financial services

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Our international operations are tailored to the needs of markets at different stages of maturity. 

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